3rd QUARTER 2020


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Milestone for rights management in Trinidad and Tobago.


In September, the Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) became the official national distributor for International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC). COTT’s national agency status gives the music industry in the country the ability to access an efficient means of identifying when recordings are used across different formats, distribution channels or products. This is an important development in IFPI’s campaign to improve the rights management landscape in the Caribbean and follows a formal agreement between COTT and IFPI in March last year that the former would administer neighboring rights on behalf of IFPI.

The Chilean Supreme Court ratifies the legality of the rates set by collective management organizations.


On September 10th, after reviewing the motions for reconsideration filed by the National Television Association (ANATEL) and other user associations, the 3rd Chamber of the Chilean Supreme Court ratified the decision by the Court for the Defense of Free Competition to reject the complaint filed by said associations, under which they demanded the modification of legislation governing the current national system for rate setting and collection by copyright collective management organizations. It is important to mention that ANATEL submitted a legislation recommendation request, with regard to Law No. 17,336 on Intellectual Property, on August 18, 2018, while the Court for the Defense of Free Competition issued its ruling rejecting ANATEL’s request on July 24, 2019. The case was sent to the Supreme Court with the above-mentioned outcome.


Global stream manipulation campaign delivers results in Brazil.


On 8th October, Pro-Música Brasil, announced a series of successful actions against streaming manipulation sites in the country. Multiple sites, including the prominent site, ceased offering music streaming manipulation services. Six additional sites withdrew music streaming manipulation services as a result of ‘cease and desist’ letters from Pro-Música Brasil and local anti-piracy group APDIF. A seventh site voluntarily removed its service. Read the full press release.

IFPI remains in contact with copyright offices during the pandemic.


Despite travel restrictions during the pandemic, IFPI’s Latin America office and its affiliated national organizations remain in contact with copyright offices in several countries of the region. To keep national offices updated on each sector’s situation, webinars and online meetings have been held to provide information on: consumer trends; regional preferences for streaming platforms to access music; music’s importance as a creative sector; and innovation and technology related to economic growth through wealth and employment. By maintaining contact, the region was able to stay focused on different countries' agendas, assisting entertainment and leisure associations suffering the harsh consequences of lockdown.


IFPI establishes national ISRC agency in Colombia. IFPI’s affiliate organisation,


the Association of Phonogram Interpreters and Producers (ACINPRO), has been appointed as the national agency responsible for the issuing of recording identification codes (ISRC codes) in Colombia. ACINPRO’s selection reinforces its authoritative position in the Colombian music industry as it continues to drive improvements in the performance rights arena, with collections up 61% in the last four years. The body continues to work closely with IFPI's regional office to develop best practices and international guidelines.