IFPI presents on enforcement and policy issues at two EU Commission events in Latin America


An EU Commission event in Rio de Janeiro on 15 August brought together judges from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Spain, as well as some EU and Latin American officials. IFPI presented on copyright infringement issues both in the region and worldwide and spoke about the European jurisprudence related to online platforms' liability. The presentations were an opportunity to highlight positive precedent and good practice in Europe to the high-level audience. A subsequent event, held on 20 August in Buenos Aires, had a larger audience and covered a wider range of topics, focusing on copyright in the online market. IFPI presented on the positive elements of the EU Copyright Directive and, again, used the opportunity to influence attitudes in the Latin American region.


International agencies cooperate in protecting intellectual property


The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) is a department of the City of London Police, the UK’s lead force for fraud. In the week of 10 September, a PIPCU delegation met with Brazilian authorities, including State and federal prosecutors, federal police and customs and ministry of justice and foreign affairs representatives. The meetings were part of an ongoing exchange program between Brazilian and UK authorities, promoted by IFPI and the British General Consulate in Brazil to support the development of new disruptive strategies to tackle online piracy. The initiative has already resulted in a successful operation carried out by the state prosecutor's office in Sao Paulo, targeting 86 infringing music sites with over 220 million visits registered in 2018. Additionally, PIPCU and the National Anti-Piracy Council (CNCP) - a federal multi-stakeholder forum hosted by the Ministry of Justice dedicated to promote anti-piracy best practices in Brazil – have signed an MOU.


On 17-18 September, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

organized and sponsored a workshop on combating digital and broadcast

piracy to promote effective protection of intellectual property rights in Latin

America and, more specifically, in Brazil. The event was held in Rio de Janeiro.

Other US agencies including the Department of Justice and FBI participated as

speakers, as well as WIPO and a number of Brazilian federal government bodies, with IFPI and RIAA also as speakers.


Audio streaming charts launched in Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay


As the rapid growth of streaming continues its rise in Latin America, three more countries in the region have rolled out charts in the last quarter, to provide robust market measurement tools to gain deeper insight into that segment. SODINPRO, UNIMPRO and CUD – IFPI-affiliated MLCs from the Dominican Republic, Peru and Uruguay, respectively - have partnered with BMAT´s monitoring services to compile a Hot 200 weekly chart that ranks the most popular songs on each country's digital music services by using statistically representative samples. IFPI looks forward to seeing streaming charts available in all its member countries in Latin America in the future.

MLCs from Latin America and the Caribbean attend seminar in UK


PPL, the UK MLC, hosted a three-day workshop in October to discuss the capabilities of MLCs, the valuation of sound recording rights and strategies for effective licensing.  Music licensing companies from Latin America and the Caribbean visited PPL’s office in London to attend a complete program about how their team has run a very successful operation of licensing and distributing performance rights of sound recordings for 85 years. IFPI thanks PPL for sharing its knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of public performance markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

PPL Seminar.jpg

Afo Verde appointed Chairman of IFPI Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Board


In September 2019, Afo Verde has been appointed as Chairman of IFPI’s Latin America and Caribbean Regional Board. As Chairman/CEO of Sony Music Latin Iberia, Verde oversees operations in more than 20 countries including Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the US Latin market. He is a musician, composer, singer and producer, with a wealth of experience as a label executive as well as in new talent discovery. Verde began his career in music playing guitar with a reggae band. Prior to being promoted to CEO of Sony Music Latin Iberia, Verde served as President of Sony Music Latin, and before that he had been President of Sony Music SUR (Argentina and Chile). Between 1996 and 2001, he worked for BMG as the head of A&R in his native Argentina. Afo Verde succeeds Adriana Restrepo as Chair; Restrepo will continue on the Latin American Regional Board, and in addition, she will now represent the region's independent record labels on IFPI´s Main Board.


PROFOVI releases White Book of Chilean

Recorded Music Industry 2018


The Chilean Society of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (PROFOVI) is responsible for the collective management of public performance and dubbing rights over its members' sound and visual recordings. PROFOVI also works to foster the industry's development, as well as being the national authoritative source of music market data in Chile. To help understand and provide an overview of the local recording industry, PROFOVI has just issued a report called White Book of the Chilean Recorded Music Industry, which includes economic indicators for 2018. The first edition aims to present data on the sector and highlight the value and efforts of hundreds of professionals who make Chilean repertoire available to nationally and worldwide.